Monday, August 05, 2013


When will I be able to do this?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I feel like a growing teenager all over again. Just when I thought I've had some kind of experience dealing with people and attitudes, it became sort of a whirlwind moment next. Fuushhh fuushhh ffuushhhh. Or at least that's how I imagine it, and it does sound like a good replacement to the other prominent F word.

I would say I am very much affected by how the people around me behave. If I need to compare, I'd say I'm the water and the angsty people around me are sodium. Water is typically calm (not the ocean kthx), and this funny sodium decided to jump in the pool and make everything explode.

I always feel a turbulence in my head at times like this.

Because I couldn't be bothered to explain and my brain decided to fry itself. 

I've seen a poster somewhere before - Everyone say Thanks, Sorry, and remember to put on a Smile. Happy. If you want to be treated nicely, then start of by treating other people nicely. If you don't like a person, you can't attack that person when he/she did nothing wrong, isn't it?

What's with the nonsense accusing someone yells at you when they didn't (just because you're super sensitive) and you, yourself are the one who usually yell at this person?


And if this victim tries to defend him/herself, it would just get you to prove your point that he/she just yelled. 


Oh yes, I'm the victim.


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ad Life

My face when I didn't understand what you're trying to say even after you typed a long paragraph:

Best part, I had to explain it to another person. 

And I successfully did it. Am I awesome or what?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crowning your soles

I've been stuck with ugly, rough-skinned feet for at least 10 years - thanks to the extra curriculum activities I took part in school last time. I had to practice my dance and Taekwondo bare feet on cement floors.

I've tried several products; almost every cracked heel cream and callus removing liquid from Scholl and  Ellgy but none of these work for me. Then I explored deeper into foot masks; LUS Exfoliating Foot Mask and Actizen Foot Mask. And today, I found out about Tsuya Tsuya Silk Factor Callus Softening Patch! I'll briefly review each products I've used and these are all based on my own personal opinions.

#1 Scholl Corn & Callus Removal Liquid
- Available at major pharmacy/drug stores I think. I bought it from Watson's at RM16.90.
- Application: Apply twice a day and allow it to dry before walking around. It's quick drying so don't worry, it's only around 30 seconds.
- Time needed: Varies. I applied for a month and my callus became smaller, but it didn't go away.
- How does it work? : Keep applying the liquid until the skin on your callus is damaged and ready to be peeled off. Peeling takes a bit of time, recommended to soften callus first (in the shower or soak them in lukewarm water) before trying to peel it off.  Do not attempt to peel forcefully or you'll worsen the condition.
- Pros: Effectively remove thick skin (callus) on a certain area of your feet that hurts you.
          : Quick applying method and quick drying liquid.
- Cons: This acidic liquid damages your skin in order to peel off the callus.
           : Unaffected areas around the callus may be damaged as well with constant contact with liquid.
           : Extra care needed when attempting to peel off the callus.
           : Takes long period before the callus is completely gone.
           : Removal gets difficult as callus became smaller.
           : Tendency to hurt flesh on your sole.
- Ratings: 5/10

#2 LUS Exfoliating Foot Mask

- I got mine from at RM48 for a box of 2 pairs.
- Application: Socks-like foot mask sheet to be worn
- Time needed: 2 hours for application, 10-14 days to take effect.
- How does it work? : Dead skins on your feet will gradually peeled off automatically in 2 weeks time.
- Pros: Dead skin will come off in a big patch.
          : Effortless
- Cons: Time consuming
           : Uncomfortable during application as heat/warmth will trap in the plastic socks-like foot mask.
           : Messy - you'll leave the dead skins everywhere and you couldn't help it.
- Ratings: 6/10

#3 Actizen Foot Mask (Similar to #2 LUS Exfoliating Foot Mask)

- My sis introduced this to me; usually it costs RM48-RM50 per pair, but she got it from Groupon and it was only RM24/pair. (*v*)/$$
- Application: Socks-like foot mask sheet to be worn

- Time needed: 2 hours for application, 10-14 days to take effect.
- How does it work? : Dead skins on your feet will gradually peeled off automatically in 2 weeks time.
- Pros: Dead skin will come off in a big patch. 
          : Effortless
          : Peeling process tends to be less messy compared to LUS.
          : BABY SMOOTH SKIN after 2 weeks!!
- Cons: Time consuming
           : Uncomfortable during application as heat/warmth will trap in the plastic socks-like foot mask.
           : Messy - you'll leave the dead skins everywhere and you couldn't help it. 
- Ratings: 9/10

Oh oh do read about it at, she did a better job for the review! :)

#4 Tsuya Tsuya Silk Factor Callus Softening Patch
- Available in Watson's. RM20+ per packet (6 pieces) or better if you can find the Value Pack (3 packets/18 pieces + Foot File) at RM49.90. 
- Application: Sheets of foot patches to be placed directly on feet. No socks-like method.
- Time needed: 10 minutes for application, 15 minutes for filing.
- How does it works? : Unlike socks-like foot masks, this comes in 6 indivudual patches you can place anywhere on your sole. However, the troublesome part is where you need to work your way out while sticking it on your sole and next, to adjust your body to lie down on your chest for 10 minutes while waiting for  med to soak in. After that, you'll have to file your feet with a bit of strength to remove the dead skins. 
- Pros: The quickest method compared to all the above. 
          : Instant result!
          : Painless
- Cons: Filing takes a bit of effort.
           : Oily substance; recommended to wash your feet with soap after filing as the liquid from the  
             mask will leave it feeling slippery.
           : Packaging cannot be sealed and therefore you must finish all 6 patches in a go.
           : Doesn't cover the entire feet area.

- Ratings: 8/10

Oh I have picture comparison for this one! It's kinda disgusting but that's the reason I need to get rid of it! D:

Amajing? Amajing.

Verdict? Use Tsuya Tsuya on a weekly basis, Actizen once every 2 months.

Problem solved. Hope it works for you people too! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Childish Me.

It must've been awhile since I last pay attention to Blogger's "Create Post" layout. Super different now. 

Anyways, the "My Generasi" video is really a big hit nowadays among the kids from 90s. Technically I'm stuck in between the 80s and 90s so I can relate only some of them. The videos bring back memories as I was drying my hair (yes I utilize my time like that) and it got me thinking what did I do during the early parts of my life? I have a really bad memory; went back to my first ever blog and read most of them. I was an annoying girl who rants about life every single day wth. I'd hate my old self back then. Sigh. I wonder what makes my friends remain as my friends. Must be really bad to have me by your side. I'm sorry T_T_T_T_T_T_T_TTTT I was a terrible friend I KNOW but allow me to assure you that I'm a changed soul wtf 

Among the Things To Do in class:
#batu seremban
#tracing cute cartoons on cardboards, color them, made them into bookmarks/postcards and sell them (I earn like RM50 a day I'M SORRY I WAS SUCH A CUNNING KID T_T
#main kepung (the x and o game drawn on buku latihan Matematik) 
#lompat getah
#collect stickers and exchange/show off to friends (Those you can buy at RM1 per sheet in A4 size)
#arranging tables and chairs, hid under it and pretend it's a "castle" or "house". 
#UNO cards
#Monopoly board game
#Pickup Sticks
#43895643985 copies of Buku Biodata
#Checking out everyone's pencil case if own stationery went missing. My Pilot Shaker is always the victim, or the mechanical pencil you get to press from the side. Good thing was; I always find them cos there's a "secret mark" on them. tee-hee.
#Calling the other kids childish when I'm not up to a certain game (such as hiding stuffs, Pokemon cards, kejar-kejar ==, hide and seek, and some random games I thought was stupid)

I don't really play games that involve running a lot see, I was the fat kid in class and was always teased and called gemuk - until they found out I was really fierce and own a pair of killer mata sepet; they just talk behind my back. So I was the pengawas pusat sumber yang gemuk dan sepet during those days. Le sigh. FML max. Ironically, I was part of the bola jaring and bola baling team! Oh, and lontar peluru too cos that's the only way fat people can contribute for the sports' day wtf.

Remind me if I've missed out any! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day - Changkat.



It's gonna happen on the March 17th for Guinness Malaysia, fun-filled with laughter and happiness at the Golden Triangle. ;)

For the St. Patrick's Day 2012, Guinness is attempting to set the Guinness World Record by hitting the 1 million attendance mark. QUICKLY, submit ur pledge while confirming ur attendance for the “Friendliest Day of the Year” through Facebook or St Patrick’s Official Website. Oh yes, do sign up with Nuffnang first before that to win these tickets! :)

So what gesture will it take for me to make St. Patrick's Day the "Friendliest Day of the Year"?


It would be super awesome to do crazy stuffs especially under your peers pressure and most importantly, everyone is doing it together! ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What happens in the Orange World?

So what usually happens in the office?

We might look like a bunch of partypeople...but in fact, we're very SERIOUS at work. As noisy as we can be, we're actually very quiet during the busy times in the office that it sometimes freaks me out to realized that all my colleagues are there but it's mad quiet. Gulps.

I'm not saying we're a bunch of quiet people in the office and only release our alter ego when we're out from the Orange Office. For example, this is what we do:

(1) Becoming a self-help hairstylist.

(2) Facebookraping colleagues (especially interns. hoho. We love our interns!)

This is a friendly public service announcement brought to you by one of the culprits; Shahz.

(3) Tweetjacking - pretty much similar to Frape; however, less epic. 
To top it off, apparently nobody really wants my hug. 

On the other times, we're pretty serious in doing our stuffs.